Top Interview Mistakes to Avoid

interviewAnyone who has ever been involved in a job search knows very well that nothing comes easy. There is a difference between becoming a job candidate and being among the hundreds of job seekers out there. Any job interview process can be a tricky situation. There are lots of ways one can make mistakes out of panic or just because of inadequate preparation. When it comes to landing that dream job, first impressions play a very crucial role in ensuring that you get employed.

There are some vital job mistakes you might make even without realizing it. Some of these mistakes are more common than you may think. You need to take time to prepare for interviews so that you don’t make unnecessary mistakes. Here are some of the most common interview mistakes you should aim at avoiding, to land that job offer.

Dressing inappropriately

When going for a job interview, there is the need to dress appropriately, to look impressive and professional for the job ahead.  Though your attire may vary based on the job application you are going for, there is the need to dress appropriately for the job. For the nonprofessional job, you should wear business casual. Whichever the case, you need to be well-dressed no matter what.

Arrive on time

When going for an interview, there is no room to arrive late. First impressions are very important in landing your dream job. You need to avoid all the bad impressions you create if you arrive late for the job. Do all it takes to ensure that you are not late for the job. You need to budget your time appropriately so that you arrive always earlier by about ten minutes to the stipulated interview deadline.

Bringing a drink with you

You need to ditch that soda, coffee or water bottle while entering the interview room. If you have to fuel up, then you have to do it before the interview. It may sound very unprofessional to enter the interview room with a drink with you. Additionally, while in the interview room, you should be fully focused on the task ahead and not opening water bottles. You need to pay eye contact with your potential employer throughout the entire interview process.

Using your phone

no phoneUsing your phone during the interview process is a killer mistake you should avoid at all times. Before you get into the interview room, you need to ensure that your phone is in silent mode. Texting during an interview process appears to be rude as well as disruptive. Texting during an interview process also sends a message to the interviewer that you are not attentive and that the top at the end is not a priority. You should equally avoid answering or making calls during the interview process.

Not knowing about the company

Do not let the employer know that you know nothing about the company you are seeking a job for. You need to do some research on the company you are seeking a job at, to ensure that you know the basic things about the company. Some of the background information you need to know to include the company history, divisions, location, mission statement, the about section among others.




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