A Simple Guide to Sales Management

When you are considering how to boost your revenue and grow your cash for car junks business, what comes to your mind? Is it evolving your product line, reaching your audience in different and new ways, or launching a brand awareness campaign? One of the most interesting areas you can look at is your sales department, with sales managers becoming very vital to actualizing your dream. Sales managers are uniquely critical for the success of any business. They have the potential to unlock huge profits that can impact the growth of your business.

Sales Management

Sales management refers to the act of overseeing and leading sales representatives to create strong relationships with prospects and close more deals. Sales managers achieve this by implementing the sales management process, objectives, and strategies to help their teams in hitting and exceeding their targets and goals.

Sales management is never a linear process. Strategies and responsibilities placed to people under sales will always be different, depending on teams, products, and resources. Typically, sales managers manage at least four main concepts which include people, strategy, activity, and reporting.

Those involved in sales normally use different strategies which include the following;

Establish compensation expectations

There is a need to create compensation plans that include details about base salary and commissions. It is important to set accurate expectations for your reps. Setting these expectations and plans for all team members is crucial and a critical part of maintaining strong relationships with everyone involved.

Set Goals and Quotas.

You need to set goals and quotas for your entire team. You can set different types and sets of sales goals for several different things including activities, training, job functions, and anything else you may seem fit. Be sure to be very clear in the communication of your goals and quotas across your team. This way, everyone will know of their expectations and will work hard towards ensuring all expectations are met and even exceeded.

Onboard and train new hires

Onboarding and training new is another responsibility involved in sales management. Depending on your resources, you may or may not have the sole responsibility of doing the onboarding and training of new hires but being part of these processes is very important no matter how your business goes about them. When you are part of the onboarding process, you can ensure all your reps start on an even playing field in terms of the information they have. You also need to include training on technology on what your teams will be using to enhance customer service.


Any sales manager should be a great motivator. Whether you have a rough call with a customer or they are unable to reach their sales quotas, you will always need to be there for your reps. You need to ask your reps what motivated them so that you can tailor certain interactions according to their preferences. You also need to host a close meeting as well as team-building events to ensure everyone feels supported and motivated to succeed.

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